Monica Harrington

Monica Harrington


From a young age, Monica has been fueled by her love and compassion for animals. Most specifically dogs. She grew up in a family where dogs weren’t just dogs. They were treated as equal and vital members of the family. Hearing the stories of her father’s beloved first dog, Weiser, ignited her soul for a canine partner in crime of her own. Family gatherings, game nights, or long drives in the car on the way to basketball tournaments; her father was always telling wild stories he and Weiser had endured


Finally, at the ripe age of twenty, Monica’s parents told her she could have her own dog. Fourteen days before Christmas her mother took her to what would be, the day she adopted her best friend. Lotus. The perfect pocket pit. Since that day they’ve been on a million adventures. Some good, some bad. But through Hell and high water, Lotus is always there. Tail wagging, tongue kissing.

Although having Lotus sounds and looks like all butterflies and flowers, owning a Pitbull can mean dealing with adversity. They’ve been subjected to ignorant bystanders passing judgment many times throughout the years. And not only has Monica had to deal with that in her personal life, but also in her profession.

Professional Life

Being a SUNY Canton graduate and passing her boards to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician, was one of Monica’s greatest accomplishments in working toward changing the animal community.

Monica feels blessed to have crossed paths with so many amazing people who have helped her achieve her lifelong dream. She hopes this charity continues to raise positive awareness for Pitbulls and bully breeds alike, as well as raise funds and find homes for those in need

P.O. Box 2442 Glens Falls, NY 12601
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