Event policy

Event policy

We invite all guests and their well behaved leashed canine companions to come to join the fun!
Please be mindful and respectful of the following regulations our committee has put together for
everyone’s safety!

1. No retractable or flex leashes will be permitted within this event. If you do not have a
regular leash, one will be provided for you at no cost.

2. Please be respectful of service and working dogs that may be in attendance with their
handlers. Do not let your dog approach or pet them without owner consent. Please keep
in mind these dogs are working and have jobs to perform in order for their handlers to
enjoy the event.

3. If your pet has an accident inside, don’t worry! A cleanup crew will be on hand at all
times. Please alert a volunteer if this happens.

4. Canines other than service dogs will not be permitted within tattoo quarters. This is for
health code regulations.

5. Guests wishing to get a tattoo at the event must provide a current photo ID showing they
are of the legal age of eighteen years old. Per New York State law.

6. We ask that guests being tattoo at the event please not arrive at their appointment
inebriated. It is at the artist’s discretion if they feel you are too intoxicated to be tattooed
they may cancel your appointment.

7. Only guests of the legal drinking age twenty-one years or older will be permitted to drink
at this event. Photo ID’s will be checked when purchasing a drinking attendance ticket in
person and online.

8. Any person caught with alcohol that is under the legal drinking age of twenty-one years
old will be escorted off of the property and local authorities will be alerted.

9. Guests must be wearing correct wristbands of the admission ticket they purchased at all
times. Guests whose wristbands look tampered with must report to the help desk for a
replacement one and must provide proof of admission ticket they purchased.

10. Tasting samples of brews and wines will only be served. NO full glasses. Absolutely no
alcohol is permitted outside of the main venue hall.

11. Pet adoptions are at the rescue/shelter discretion. Guests must comply and follow the
adoption guidelines from which rescue/shelter whom they’re trying to adopt from.

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