About us

About Us

This charity was created in order to raise money and advocacy for Pitbulls. we are a non-profit 501c.3 organization . Proceeds raised at this event fundraiser will go toward rescues and shelters that particularly house many Pitbulls and bully breeds. A donation will also be made to NEADS organization which is a veteran based nonprofit organization that matches service dogs with veterans with PTSD at no charge.


Who We Are!

Protect companion animals from cruelty and violence

We fight breed-discriminatory laws

Advocated for animal welfare

Our Mission

In a world full hatred and judgment, we thrive off the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”. This statement rings so loud and true when it comes to breeding discrimination. Since the dawn of time American Staffordshire Terriers, commonly known as Pit Bulls, have received a porous reputation. Unfortunately, we as their handlers and companions have no one to blame but ourselves. Today, we fight the good fight to break this stereotype of our favorite breed that our ancestors have bestowed on them, and that society tries to hold true today.


The American Kennel Club recognizes the American Staffordshire Terrier as intelligent, confident, good-natured companions who are a loyal trustworthy friend to the end. In the 18th century across Great Britain, several dog breeds were created to excel in blood sports. This not only included fighting one another but also packs being turned loose to attack a bear or bull.
Spectators would place bets on these “sports” and predict their gruesome outcome.


Barbaric pastimes such as these have long since been outlawed and deemed inhuman. What many people do not realize is that the Pit Bulls were not the only canines being used to partake in such games. Two other common household beloved breeds used were the Bulldog and Bull Terrier. So why do Pit Bulls only receive the bad reputation? Maybe it is due to their bulky and “intimidating” stature. When the breed was created, the original old style bulldog is known for their punishing jawline, and the now extinct White English Terrier and Black and Tan Terrier; were combined to give the Brits the perfect combination for their gory pit fighting games. Today Pit Bulls rank number three in the bite per pound of pressure coming in at 235 pounds of force.

To the fearful and untrained average person, this can be enough to deter you from ever wanting to even approach such an animal. And while many Pit Bulls are still capable of inflicting such damage upon anything in their path, most of these “ferocious” looking creatures just want to attack you with sloppy kisses and maul you with love and affection. The aggression has long since been bred out of the breed, as it has bulldogs and bull terriers. So again we ask the question, why do Pit Bulls still receive the brunt of the bad reputation?

It was humans who created them. It was humans who gave them their “jobs”. It was humans who outlawed what they were created for. It is humans who continue to give them a bad reputation. It is humans who do not properly train their companions and set them up for failure. It is humans who can continue to fight for our companions and undo what our ancestors bestowed on our favorite breed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are tickets?


VIP Ticket $100 (only ten being sold)
● Drinking admission ticket
● An hour early entrance to the event to get the first glance at vendors and artists
● T-shirt
● Drink tickets to every brewery booth

  • Drinking Admission Ticket $25
  • Designated Driving Ticket (over age 21) $15
  • Admission Ticket under 21 $10
  • Kids ages 10 and under are free admission
  • Additional Drink Ticket for Brewery Booths $2 per ticket


How do I donate?



An easy way to support our cause is coming soon!



Can I bring my dog?



We invite all guests and their well behaved leashed canine companions to come to join the fun! Please be mindful and respectful of the following regulations our committee has put together for everyone’s safety!

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